Barbican Theatre, London

Barbican Theatre

Barbican Theatre, London

Theatreplan renewed the Barbican’s 30 year old grid and flying system in order to bring it back to the standard of a world class international touring venue.

Clive Odom, Barbican TheatreBarbican Theatre London

The original grid was removed in its entirety from the top of the 33 metre fly tower and replaced with a new lamel rotating plank floor, so all of the steel cables are hidden to create a clean and workable grid. The grid is fully load-bearing allowing the moveable point hoists to be positioned freely. At the same time the fly floors and galleries were also remodelled to maximize the flying width available, and a downstage maintenance bridge was installed to facilitate regular maintenance of the safety curtain without the need for specialist access equipment.

More recently Theatreplan also replaced the hauling winch and added extensive load monitoring to the safety curtain. We have also been engaged to work on upgrades to the stage engineering of the Concert Hall venue.


£3.2 Million

City of London