Oslo Opera House

Oslo Opera House

Oslo Opera House

Feasibility study for Norway's national opera house

Oslo national opera

In 2019 Theatreplan was engaged to undertake a wide-ranging feasibility study into improving the overstage, understage and orchestra pit machinery at Oslo Opera House.

Following detailed site surveys and requirements capture workshops, Theatreplan developed a range of options. Every potential intervention was carefully budgeted, and the pros and cons of each approach explained so that the client could see the implications for programme, (and venue closure), of each combination of possible works.

The client was able to make these key decisions from a position of knowing and understanding all the issues, how they could be solved and at what cost, and equally, and perhaps most importantly, what the implications were of doing nothing.

Theatreplan believe it is important to explore all reasonable options thoroughly so that the client can make their decisions from a position of comprehensive knowledge.

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