The Boilerhouse, Royal Holloway, UOL

Boiler House, Royal Holloway

The Boilerhouse, Royal Holloway, UOL

Boiler House Royal Holloway

Royal Holloway College’s Grade 1 listed Boiler room, built during Victorian era, was transformed by Theatreplan into the multi-function Boilerhouse. The building’s industrial history was still very apparent prior to its conversion and many of the original features within the room were retained, whilst old equipment and wiring was removed, to provide a modern lecture theatre for up to 250 students.

The redevelopment aimed to create a truly multi-purpose space to cater for any activity that needed space. A primary objective of the scheme was to provide the college with a much-needed lecture hall, so providing the technology to support this was crucial. We worked with the College’s ICT staff to ensure the technical installation was in line with their expectations, and also fit for future use, streaming cinema projects. Other planned uses included a range of flat floor activities, such as rehearsals, exhibitions and social events.


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