Feasibility Reports

Mathew Smethurst-Evans, Michael Atkinson
Glasgow Academy Lecture Theatre
London Royal Festival Hall

Feasibility Reports

The best projects start with good plans

Theatreplan’s Feasibility Studies, User Needs Analyses and Options Appraisals provide invaluable data that helps you to make informed decisions at the outset.

Initially we can advise on the viability of your project and then help you identify options for moving forward. If the building is listed, we can factor in the additional needs of protecting the heritage and give advice on the likely requirements of the planning process. We work with clients and operators to ensure we understand the vision for you project. Where user groups are identified, we can work with them to tease out ‘user-stories’ that will help clarify the priorities and establish a minimum baseline scope for the project.

We will guide you through the concept-planning phase by reference to similar completed projects, providing invaluable background knowledge for your team. We can draw-up indicative costings, proposals for layouts and recommend technical solutions that would help you to decide on next steps. The experience of comparing your project with successfully completed venues will help to clarify your costs and objectives and give you the confidence to embark on the next stage of your project whilst providing enough information to support you with the necessary fundraising and consultation processes.

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