Technical Consultancy

Dave Ludlam, Queen Elizabeth Hall
Clive Odom, Mathew Smethurst-Evans, London Barbican
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Technical Consultancy

Our team offers an unparalleled combination of technical skill, industry knowledge and

a flair for innovative system design

Our team's years of experience, working as both technical staff and consultants, means we can work with you to provide the most suitable and cost-effective solutions in lighting, sound and vision, and stage engineering for your venue.

Lighting brings the performance to life. Designing the systems that achieve this is a highly specialist discipline that demands a rare blend of attributes: detailed knowledge of the latest technologies and electrical systems, and an understanding of what theatre creative teams need.

Sound and Vision
Venues run smoothly when everything is connected. We provide building-wide design solutions in the complex area of sound, video and communications. Performance venues rely on connectivity across the whole site for production systems as well as day-to-day communications. Through its work with many of the UK’s leading theatre organisations, our team of professionals has developed a thorough understanding of how theatres work and the need for robust, easy-to-deploy systems.

Stage Engineering
Our team includes the UK’s leading stage engineers. They know the latest equipment and techniques in detail and understand them from a user’s perspective. This means Theatreplan can ensure you choose the best and most up-to-date options for stage equipment. We are renowned for the innovation of our stage technology designs, developed at some of the world’s leading performance venues, which have been replicated in other venues around the world.

Deliverables include:

  • Setting of budgets and writing specifications
  • Collaboration with clients to find the most appropriate solutions for their specific needs
  • Integration and coordination of technical installations within the building’s architecture
  • Preparing design risk assessments
  • Evaluating tenders and preparing contracts
  • Monitoring installations and reporting on progress
  • Working with manufacturers to ensure the most appropriate solutions
  • Commissioning, assisting in recruitment, and training staff
  • Space requirement and loading detailing
  • Advice on technical equipment and stage engineering solutions
  • Health and safety protection
  • Procurement planning advice