East Kowloon Cultural Centre

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East Kowloon Cultural Centre

With the rapid expansion of Hong Kong’s theatre landscape, Theatreplan is creating a new multi-auditoria venue as part of the ambitious East Kowloon regeneration strategy.

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Housing a 1,200-seat lyric theatre, 550-seat thrust stage theatre, and three smaller studios with between 120 and 250 seats, the venue will serve as a hub for drama; Cantonese opera; dance performance and community events for districts around the old Kai Tak airport area.

At an early stage in the project we undertook research into the history and use of the thrust stage to provide the client with a thorough understanding of this new form of staging for Hong Kong. Working with Rocco Design Limited as part of a multi-disciplinary design team, Theatreplan are providing a complete theatre consultancy service across all venues, and in collaboration with the Hong Kong Government’s Leisure and Cultural Services Department have delivered Health & Safety Management training in support of this new venue, and LCSD’s existing venue portfolio.

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